Monday, 10 September 2012

Take me back to the start....

WAW! No, I didn't spell wow incorrectly.... that stands for What A Wedding! And while we are at it, what a day, what a couple, what a story! The list goes on. I am literally BURSTING to show you the full film of Jack and Susanna.

A little background for you, is that a choir made up from all Susanna's pupils (she's a dope vocal coach) and helped by the wonderful Cat (only a West End Theatre Director) sang some of the most breath taking arrangements of songs I have ever heard at this wedding. We got the chance to come and watch them rehearse before the big day and it brought us to tears! Amazing.

So much so, that I took the stunning vocal from that day of the Jose Gonzalez cover ' Cyclying Trivialties', and mixed it with the original to create a new remix especially for them. Call it a wedding present! You can download it at the link below :)

Jack + Susanna - Cycling Trivialities (Studio1208 remix)

But this was all part of Susanna's master plan, the blueprint to her (and Jack's) perfect day. They have been together, changing each others lives for the better since they were 16 years old. The love for them by friends and family, and the love they had for each other was something very special indeed. This wedding could not have looked or felt more like a Jack and Susanna production.

The details were stunning (and lets not forget awesome). Knitted flowers for the boys (courtesy of Jack's sister) with vintage scrabble pieces for initials. Plus, custom individual lego cuff links to finish off the look. Do not even get me started on Susanna's stunning feather bodiced wedding dress... which she later changed out for an equally beautiful red number which went perfectly with her sparkly Louboutins.

And if there were any guests who thought they might not well up at the incredible choral masterpiece, or even the spectacular three part harmony sung by Susanna's uber talented brothers.... but when Susanna serenaded Jack, I promise there was not a dry eye in the house.

So before the full film's debut, lets have a quick look at their wedding story..... in reverse. Take me back to the start.



  1. Beautiful pacing and sequence! Great job. =)

  2. Actual goosebumps. You guys have captured the epic love story of this wedding perfectly. I am literally chomping at the bit to see more and couldn't love S & J or you chaps any more! x

  3. This is just beautiful! I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes, can't wait to see the full feature! x

  4. Stunning! The day, the music, the edit and the cast.

  5. Can I say this? "fricking" AMAZING!!!! I'm in tears and I don't even know this couple! I can't WAIT for my day!!!!! I know the word amazing can be used for so much in life...but honestly its such a perfect fit here....truly AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Oh and by the way did I mention I love it?!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my word! This is epic. So utterly beautiful in every way, so many incredible moments and so exquisitely edited. Love that you told their story in reverse - and what a story too! Congratulations Jack and Susanna! Awesome work guys x