Friday 31 July 2015

These Days...

It is always a pretty big honour to shoot another photographer's wedding, because I think that it is kind of the ultimate in peer acknowledgement. When the other half of the couple has also been a feature writer for Wedding Ideas magazine, someone who has seen literally HUNDREDS of weddings and photographers, well that is even more special to think that they would trust us to shoot their day.

We actually knew "Matt and Alice" before they were... well, Matt and Alice. Before they had even exchanged a banter ridden email about bicycles, or met up in the unequivocal 'Mecca' of love, Crewe Railway station.... We knew them, separately. I bet there is actually very few people at this wedding that can say that!

We knew Matt when he was just a young, single, oatcake eating photographer, working out of Staffordshire. We knew Alice as the accomplished features writer for real weddings at Wedding Ideas Magazine, where we had our work featured. It has been amazing for us to watch these two fall in love... and then to get to tell the story too?! Epic.

So here goes - tears, laughter, fantastic hats, cute dogs, fairground games, bikes, some yellow trousers and a whole lot of love... and don't let the fact that Matt supports Stoke City FC ruin this trailer for you either.

Nick xx

Friday 10 July 2015

Shia says.... "DO IT"

Thank you to everyone who has already entered our contest to win FREE wedding photo and video so far! We are loving your entries and photos! So to confirm....This is real life. Its actually happening. One lucky couple is going to win US at their wedding! You only pay for travel and associated costs. Our fee.... IS NOTHING!

To help you (make you enter!) we thought we should try and answer some of the doubts you may have with the help of Shia Leboeuf's forceful shouty voice. Full rules at the bottom of this post....

Here are the rules!

1. Go and follow us on Instagram @STUDIO1208 and @WhatWouldJacksonDo. (the competition is only running on there, so you have to do this to qualify!)

2. First, share our competition picture to your Instagram (you will find this on our Instagram)! Tag us in it and hashtag it #HookUpWithStudio1208

3. Post a rad picture of yourselves or the couple you are entering for.... Tag us in it and hashtag it #HookUpWithStudio1208

4. In the comment, tell us about the wedding, the location, your/their story, and most importantly, WHY we should pick you/them. The more we know, the better!

5. You can enter as many times as you want. Get creative!

6. You must be getting married in 2016

7. The entrants must be real, the stories you tell us must be real, and they must really be getting married.

8. And you must be awesome, and love us and our work. #duh