Wednesday 21 December 2016

Find Your Husband Sundays...

YOU. GUYS. (I apologize for the over use of all caps and parentheses in this post)

This wedding is SO good, I mean, SO SO SO good. We went to Rhode Island for this one, and met these great people (obvs. fell in love with them), and had the best party ever. Not only did we fall in love with them, we fell in love with their coordinator, Elizabeth Lutz of Glass Event Boutique (a goddess), their floral designers, Greenlion Design (geniuses), and their prop stylist, Caylin Harris (yes that's a thing, and it's amazeballs)!

Anyway, Kira and her bestie, Jourdan devised a plan called "Meet your husband Sundays", and they would get dolled up, hit the bars that supported their local teams (to give each side a chance), and pretend like they cared about football. HA! Genius! And you know what, it worked... Kira and TJ met at the bar that supported the Buffalo Bills (Jourdan's home team)... are you still with me?? Long story short, Kira and TJ met, they fell in love, and now they are married - and they are the best. I almost forgot to mention this, but Kira also DESIGNED AND MADE her dress with her best friend Anokah, and it is NEXT LEVEL.

I can't wait to share some images with you all, it is an eyegasm for real! Enjoy this, and watch for my cameo in the trailer on the dance floor (duh). Also, go check out their Instagram cut on our page @Studio1208!


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