Friday 31 May 2013

California Love...

Tot and Joe are two of the most inspirational, fun, crazy, amazing and down right good people we have ever met. All I can say about their wedding is that we had the time of our lives, it never felt like work, and that these guys are now family to us.

A little side note, some of the music you hear in these films are actually Joe! He's kind of a big deal, and he is hilarious. You should watch his videos on youtube...this one is my fave. Make sure to check out Dream Impossible to learn more about what these guys do!

So, no more waiting, let's watch!

Dream Impossible

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Double Trouble...

About 6 months ago, we introduced you to the Adams Family. Shannon, Ryan, and their adorable twin boys, Ashton and Grayson. Well, we made another visit to these guys, and given that they are getting bigger by the minute, we decided to make another film about them. We also have pictures...coming soon!


Monday 27 May 2013

The Owl and The Pussycat...

We have been so excited to show this wedding to you! It was our first time shooting a traditional Scottish wedding, in Glasgow, complete with kilts, bagpipes, and a ceilidh - a traditional social gathering with Gaelic music and dancing. It was amazing. Tamsin and Grant are amazing, and this is their wedding film trailer.

And here is a little sneak peek of one of my favourites...

Tamsin and Grant's traditional Scottish Pollok House wedding by STUDIO 1208

Friday 24 May 2013

Featured! Style Me Pretty...

Remember Aimee and Sean?!  Let me refresh your memory....

gorgeous Style Me Pretty hawaiian wedding by STUDIO 1208

We are SO excited that this wedding is finally going up on Style Me Pretty - these guys are so deserving of a place on one of the biggest, baddest wedding blogs out there!  This wedding is so full of beauty, hand made everything, and fun - ANY bride or groom could (should!) get inspired!  This celebration was a labor of love that the whole family, and all of their friends got involved in.

Please head on over to Style Me Pretty HERE to show Aimee and Sean, their friends and family (and us!) some love!  And, of course, if you missed the original posts and you want to see even more, check out their:

Wedding Film Trailer
Full Wedding Film
Sea Of Love part 1
Sea Of Love part 2
Sea Of Love part 3

We love you Aimee and Sean, and miss our Hawaiian Ohana!


Wednesday 22 May 2013

See you in six years.....

So with all the lovely summer weather (ahem) we have had recently, it seems fitting for us to travel back in time to the beautiful sunny day we had in Sheringham, Norfolk with Tabitha and James. These two are a perfect couple, a great match and very very funny. Apparently, James tells us they are going to break up in about 6 years, just so they can get back together do it all over again?! Is it weird that I hope this really happens?

So if you enjoyed their pinwheel covered house party at Chaucer Barn, then here comes the full film. With added musical delights from the amazing busker band 'dumbfoundus love', a few tears and lots of rude words.... ladies and gents I give you:

James + Tabitha's amazeballs wedding film!

Nick x

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Fallin', Yes I Am Fallin'...

We knew that we had fallen for Justin and Kate the moment we met them, and talked non-stop for about 5 hours straight.  It was meant to be an hour long-ish meeting, but I was prepared to ask them to eat dinner with us if they didn't have somewhere to be!  They are fantastic people, and you can tell even more by the people they keep.  Gems.

It is our real pleasure to share their full wedding film with you today.  Their wedding was genuinely so much fun, and there was a buzz in the air that made it even more magical.  Their families and friends are a party waiting to happen - they are wild and crazy, but down to earth and kind.  Our kind of people!

So what do you get when you cross Geordie Shore with the Desperate Scousewives?  The answer: not Justin and Kate, but that show sounds #AMAZEBALLS.  A huge congrats to these guys, and we love you!!


Monday 6 May 2013

F**k me! Im Famous!

Ok, so that might seem a pretty inappropriate title for a blog post.  Especially for a wedding. But then, as the bride Tabitha pointed out in her inpromptu speech, when has she EVER been appropriate?!  Plus, she was actually on Deal or no Deal and WON! which by default, therefore makes her famous. So I am going to go with that title, which may have been used by David Guetta... but more than likely, first said by Tab.

James and Tabitha are simply awesome.  They got married by the sea in Sheringham, Norfolk and then hired Chaucer Barn for what was essentially an amazeballs house party for all their nearest and dearest. It was a house party that was painstakingly put together by creating over a thousand different coloured pinwheels I might add, but none the less, a house party you wish you had been invited to.

So here is your first extended invite, James + Tabitha's wedding trailer.......

Nick x