Saturday 27 February 2016

Take A Trip To Mexico...

Eden and Ryan's destination wedding in Mexico. Photo by STUDIO 1208

GUYS! This wedding is so sweet. A very intimate wedding in Mexico that is so thoughtful and well suited to these two people. Both living their lives in the spotlight, it was almost extra special that they almost ran away to get married in front of a handful of their closest friends. In that company, they truly came alive - they whole-heartedly connected with this event and most importantly, with each other.

We are so lucky to get to go on these magical trips. Not only because the destinations are often what dreams are made of, but because we leave there with some of the richest life experiences, and the coolest new friends. We get to tell stories of people experiencing the best that life can give, and we not only get to watch, we get to be a part of it.

I am so proud to call these people friends, and so honored that they chose us to tell their very unique and special story. Watch their full film below, and if you missed Eden and Ryan's trailer, you can watch it HERE

To view the film, simply type: 'studio 1208' below