Nick and Maria STUDIO 1208 Joshua Tree vow renewal by Tyler Branch

We are Nick + Maria, and we are STUDIO 1208. We shoot photo and video, love to tell stories and we have a little guy called Jackson who sometimes comes and helps. We have a ton of airmiles, our office is mostly hotel rooms, and we wouldn't change it for the world.

The back story - a touring musician who by chance met a fashion photographer at a bar in Hollywood, called 86. We travelled. We worked together on fashion projects. We got a dog called Luda. We got married. We had Jackson. Then, we said peace out to our life in LA, and jetted off to the glorious English countryside to make a base for a new business that we could build around our family. Now we tour around the globe telling your stories and making fun.

Maria shoots the photos, and I make the films - we both are totally obsessed with telling stories. Other people’s stories to be precise…. Yours. It’s not enough for us to just give you cookie cutter stuff that we turned out in a day and forgot about. No matter if it is your wedding or business, we completely invest in you. It is an individual project, and we want (and need) it to mean something to you, your friends, your family, and your clients. We want you to feel like you had these two friends that showed up, just so happened to have cameras with them, and told your story in the best way you could imagine. We want you to know we are there, and to feel comfortable and happy that we are. We come, we join in, and we try to enhance your story in every way we can. It's hard to put into words sometimes, but it looks like this...

So, whatever you are hiring us for, just know that we are totally ourselves – a musician who started shooting films, and a fashion photographer who decided she also loves taking pictures of real people. If you want a creative team that works their asses off, will hang with your friends or family, dance with you at your party and have a beer with you at the bar, then it's easy. #HireUs.


*photo by Tyler Branch