Monday 29 June 2015

Did I Find You Or You Find Me...

Sunny and Wally's gorgeous outdoor wedding at Malibu Rocky Oaks photo by STUDIO 1208

I die when I think that these two might not have had this film, and I thank God that they do. Sometimes still images just don't tell the story as beautifully and thoroughly as a film does. Sure, you can cover every single detail, document every second of the day - capturing real, beautiful moments, but I swear, nothing moves me like hearing their voices and the music, and watching the motion of it all. The human energy and excitement that a split second sometimes can't give you. All this said from a still photographer... Now don't worry, their wedding photos are totally amazeballs, but damn, this film is just EPIC!

Sunny and Wally are fucking awesome. I just don't even know how else to say it - I thought about how I could get the same sentiment across without upsetting my dad, but it just couldn't give the same impact. Sorry dad, but they are. I am so glad that they are in our lives, and so glad that we get to see another couple of rad people when we go to LA to see our crew - they are totally our crew now, and I love that.

Their wedding was incredible - in Malibu, on a helipad looking over the entire canyon. Her dress...her shoes #dropsthemic Everything was beautiful, everything was fun, and full of joy and absolute sincerity. I am so excited to share this film with everyone, especially Jeremy Seney. So go get yourself a drink, sit down, relax, and be in awe of these beautiful people!

To view, just type 'studio 1208' into the box below


Thursday 25 June 2015

They Say The Best Things In Life Are Free.....

STUDIO 1208 contest for free video and photo at your wedding in 2016

The good life, let's go on a living spree - they say the best things in life are free!

Kanye inspired us, what can we say. We decided to do something totally spur of the moment last night, and it will hopefully mean someone will have a pretty awesome 2016. We have never done a competition - but I guess if you are going to do a giveaway, it may as well be a good one right?

So... We are gonna put this out there: if you like it, you can take it. If you don't, send it right back...

In 2016, we are going to shoot someone's wedding for free. There, we said it.

You get photo and video, and it can be anywhere in the world. Our expenses from the UK (flights, hotels, transportation, food, etc.) are not included, but our fee is completely and utterly zero, gratis, comped.... for love!

STUDIO 1208 contest for free video and photo at your wedding in 2016

Here are the rules!

1. Go and follow us on Instagram @STUDIO1208 and @WhatWouldJacksonDo. (the competition is only running on there, so you have to do this to qualify!)

2. First, share our competition picture to your Instagram (you will find this on our Instagram)! Tag us in it and hashtag it #HookUpWithStudio1208

3. Post a rad picture of yourselves or the couple you are entering for.... Tag us in it and hashtag it #HookUpWithStudio1208

4. In the comment, tell us about the wedding, the location, your/their story, and most importantly, WHY we should pick you/them. The more we know, the better!

5. You can enter as many times as you want. Get creative!

6. You must be getting married in 2016

7. The entrants must be real, the stories you tell us must be real, and they must really be getting married.

8. And you must be awesome, and love us and our work. #duh

STUDIO 1208 contest for free video and photo at your wedding in 2016

Excited? Us too! We can't wait to see all the stories and awesome weddings you have lined up. You can enter yourselves, or enter your friends but remember, the couples and the entrants must be following us to be eligible to win.

The entry dates are from today, June 25th (our anniversary!) until July 26th (Nick's birthday!) So you have a whole month to tell everyone you know who is planning a wedding to follow us and enter.

On August 1st we will decide on a winner. Good luck to everyone, and we are super excited to meet lots of rad people in love! Tell everyone about it, we want everyone in on this party!

STUDIO 1208 contest for free video and photo at your wedding in 2016


Sunday 14 June 2015

Cool Whipped...

A boy and a girl meet. Boy is all like, "ummm, hi, I think I love you". Girl is all like, "friend zone". Boy chases girl...girl turns boy down. Repeat. Add cool whip. #Winning.

Ok, it wasn't exactly like that, but you get the idea...

John and Alex are two of the most talented human beings on the planet - a musical genius and a straight up genius that started as friends and ended up being soulmates. They are kinda opposites in lots of ways, but they just work - actually, not just work, they are the perfect compliment to each other. Finding a good partner in life is about balance, and these two have it nailed.

They got married just outside of Nashville in a beautiful barn, and their wedding was epic. Dance moves included.

xx Maria