Monday 24 November 2014

We Can Waste Time Together...

Well, what can I even say about this wedding, about these people who I love so dearly, they are like family at this point?! Priscilla and I met in grade school - yes, the two of us playing in our Catholic school uniforms on the playground together, chasing boys and probably doing some kind of cheerleading and gymnastics (take it easy, boys!). We lost touch over the years, but she found me again when the time was right - after her and Misha got engaged. I am so glad she did - she is everything, and Misha, well, that guy is just as legit as they come.

This wedding was off the chain, basically. Do you guys like food? Good wine, perhaps? Desserts that make you want to cry because you know how bad, yet fantastic they are? Well, so do they, and it just so happens that they know some people who can make all of our culinary dreams come true…and they did, big time! Let's also have a mention to the epic dance party complete with a sing-a-long, (minorly awkward) story-telling, beautiful poem reading and amazing rap serenade wrapped up with an amazing band (and a badass Matron of Honor).

AND can we PLEASE talk about how beautiful these tow creatures are?! Good LORD.

We love them. LOVE THEM! Here is their trailer


Saturday 15 November 2014

Welcome to the good life....

This job is awesome. I am never afraid to think it or say it, because we really do live the good life. Is it hard work? Yes. Is there tons of editing? Yes. Do we get to work with awesome people who trust us to capture the most special day of their life and become friends with them after? Absofreakingloutley. The coolest thing is, it's our clients that make it so great.

I actually thought about this while in Crete shooting Mark and Suzanne's wedding. We had just dragged them into an abandoned building by the side of the road, and watched them have this amazing 'just married' loved up moment, and were then driving with them on a quad bike into their wedding reception. The sea breeze was in our faces, and the incredible sunset we had just witnessed was finally fading to and orangey glow. It was simply magical, a real life story book ending for two incredible new friends who had just said 'I do' in front of their closest people. All I could think as the road rushed by was, this is our life. We created this. We get to do this ALL the time. In a few hours we will most likely be downing Raki shots at the bar, and dancing the night away with these awesome people! How lucky are we?

I can't even begin to tell you how much we love these guys. We got to stay in beautiful Crete, right there with them, their friends and family, and they just accepted us right into the group. Like, never skipped beat. Working with amazing people like Mark and Sooz is what gives us the most reward in our life, let alone work. You push us to create, and so we thank you with all our hearts. I can't wait to show you the full film and pictures... but for now, lets kick of with the trailer.

Welcome to the good life.

Nick x

Friday 14 November 2014

This Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun...

Sanam and Dave's gorgeous Persian / Scottish destination wedding in Edinburgh

Sanam and Dave's wedding was so much fun. First of all, how could the party NOT be next level amazing when you have Persians and Scottish involved? Everything about this wedding was beautiful and perfect - the dress, the locations, the people, the colours, the light… magical.

I feel really lucky that we get to go all over the world and be with people on such an important day or in some cases, days or even a week! We really get to become a part of the group and learn so much about the people we work with. We see the interactions between them and their dearest outside of the wedding, and not only do we walk away with love for our bride and groom, but love for their families and friends too. I can't think of a cooler job.

So happy to share this beautiful, super fun wedding with all of you today, and it makes me want to go back to Edinburgh stat!

To view the film below, simply type: studio 1208