Thursday 12 October 2017

Featured! Libby and Ryan on Bridal Musings...

Today is such a good day! We have another feature on the always amazing Bridal Musings for Libby and Ryan's magical destination wedding in Oklahoma. They have called it "Prairie Chic", and that is totally spot on. It was relaxed, but styled to perfection - kinda like Libby and Ryan are in real life.

Studio 1208 featured on Bridal Musings for Libby and Ryan's prairie chic destination wedding in Oklahoma

The first feature (above) was for their photos, and it is BEYOND - to see the full post, click HERE. Their portraits though.... all I can say is prairie sky meets Salt Flats!

Studio 1208 featured on Bridal Musings for Libby and Ryan's prairie chic destination wedding in Oklahoma

The second feature (above) was for their film trailer - it is so emotional and amazing - the vows will KILL YOU DEAD. To see the full post, click HERE

We loved working with all of the amazing vendors from this one, especially Forever Cole who coordinated this magical day and Studio BDR, who did all of the calligraphy, signage, and paper / printed goods...including the gorgeous invitation suite!!!


Wednesday 11 October 2017

As In Love With You As I Am...

Sinead and Tommy were married on perhaps the windiest day ever recorded in history, but that did not stop them from having the greatest wedding ever, and it did give them one of the most magical confetti moments of all time! I guess you could say that it perfectly fits the structure of their relationship...afterall, it might never have happened if that cab didn't break down...

This wedding was shot by one of our talented 1208 Artists, Rach, who absolutely nailed it. Thanks also to Danny for the back up and drone footage!! The story, people and location couldn't be more beautiful, and we are so happy to share it with you today!


Thursday 28 September 2017

Feeling Electric...

You know when someone famous gets married, how it seems like people come out of the woodwork to catch a glimpse? Well, this wedding was no different...except the couple isn't actually famous. You would have thought they were though, by the hundreds of people who came to wave to Jane as she arrived to the church! I guess you don't have to be famous to be a total legend...

I can't tell you how fun this wedding was - they pulled out all the stops for their guests, and the party went on for days - yes, DAYS. I guess when you have the wedding on your own property, you can kinda do whatever you want, and that is exactly what they did. We are so excited to share it with you today - Enjoy!


Wednesday 23 August 2017

You Won't Have To Face The World Alone...

So what can I even say about this, other than WOW.

Remembering this week, with these people brings nothing but joy to me instantly. To say that they welcomed us into the fold is an understatement - we were instantly part of the group, and had a bond of friendship from the moment we met. Add in their friends, family and Vince's three rad (and handsome) sons, and their two dogs, and it was like a big family vacay we were all on together. It started on a Lake, and finished on a mountain... this story is special, and I am so excited to share it with you all today!!!

Thanks to Kara from Love This Day Events for doing such a great job, and being so amazing and fun! Let's do it again soon!!!


Wednesday 16 August 2017

Way Down We Go...

As some of you may or may not know, we have expanded Studio 1208 to include some incredible artists. We want to be able to have people on hand in multiple locations that we know can tell your story with as much love and care as we do - it is not easy to find, but the crew we have so far is pretty special!

Today, we are sharing our 1208 Artist, Rach's film trailer for gorgeous Danielle, and her handsome groom, Mark. They were married in Newcastle in front of their closest and best - Mark's reaction to her is just a tear jerker (like, I'm already emotional thinking about it)! So happy these guys came to us, and we knew that Rach was a perfect fit.


Thursday 27 July 2017

Let's Do This!!!!

We walked up to the hotel room door, and it was thrown open by the most beautiful blonde. She squealed my name, and we hugged like we've been friends for our entire life. Caroline. She is pure sunshine - she makes everyone happy and is always bouncing around joyfully. She could make taking out the trash interesting! I loved her right from the moment we first talked, and was so happy to be on this journey with her. She picked the coolest, most handsome, fun, interesting man in Christopher.

Watching them together, and their amazing friends and family was so much fun - they invited us to share in everything with them, and it really was an experience we will never forget. I am so excited to share their wedding film trailer today - the whole trip was incredible, and it ended with the best firework show over the ocean... and yes, we flew the drone during the fireworks, and it was amazzzzzzinnggggggg!

Thank you to Caroline and Chris for making this week so amazing, to their families for sharing meals and stories with us, and for all of our new friends who we can't wait to have another dance party and G&T with soon! Also, a special thanks to The Wedding Company Portugal for always being the best, and for creating the most gorgeous eye candy!!!


Saturday 1 July 2017

Just Wanna Stay Up All Night With You...

Meghan and Colton's gorgeous Kapalua Maui destination wedding. Photo by Studio 1208
Meghan and Colton brought us to Maui along with their amazing families and friends to celebrate, and this wedding did not disappoint! It was so much fun, and the visuals were off the charts - one, because literally, every single person at this wedding was basically a genetically perfect specimen, but also, because our fave California duo, Gianna from Chic Celebrations and floral goddess Lauryl Lane were there to make it perfect, as usual. We had a blast, and can't wait for you to see their trailer!


Thursday 22 June 2017

Forever Trill...

Molly Tarlov and Alexander Noyes wedding at Colony 29. Photos by STUDIO 1208

Molly Tarlov and Alexander Noyes wedding at Colony 29. Photos by STUDIO 1208

We met Molly and Alex at another wedding - they were rad and cute and interesting and funny. We always knew the wedding was gonna be dope because their style is really unique, and they are 100% true and real to who they are. Fast forward to this pink paradise in Palm Springs, and it did not disappoint! It was amazing watching them interact and speak directly into each other's hearts - they were so connected. The ceremony had us laughing and ugly crying and laughing some more - time stood still for them, and it felt really special to be a witness.

This trailer will give you all the feels, and make you wanna hashtag GoalsAF ten thousand times a second.
"Like the words etched on the inside of those rings...we have, we will, we ARE Forever Trill".


Thanks to Moonmilk Studios, Hello Gem and Pow Wow Design Studio for all the eye candy!!  And don't you guys die over their custom leather jackets from The Mighty Company?!

Wednesday 14 June 2017

I Have To Praise You Like I Should...

Daisy and Andy, the true representation of what it means to be a team - the ultimate complimentary relationship. Opposites in many ways, these guys just fill in each other's blanks so easily and seamlessly, it is like they were made to bring the best out in one another. It's wonderful and fun and cheeky and not always in plain sight. It's the in-between that you catch it the most.

This wedding was beyond gorgeous - I mean, whenever it's Italy, our hearts skip a beat, but this one was like no other. The venue, Masseria Potenti, is a desert-like Oasis in the middle of vineyards, around the corner from the beach, and down the street from a historical town. It was like being somewhere else, but I don't know where...heaven, maybe?

We had the best time immersing ourselves in the group and into this story. We went on adventures and did some dangerous driving together, and here is your opportunity to see what it was all about. It is a good one, a really good one - and the song...

You die hard 1208 fans will be obsessed, I swear!


Friday 31 March 2017

Featured! Chris and Masha on Bridal Musings...

Aaaahhhhhh, we have been waiting for this one to drop for ages! Finally, and so worth the wait, Chris and Masha's Lake Como wedding is here, and it is AMAZEBALLS. Today, our favorite wedding blog, Bridal Musings, did a fabulous double feature for this wedding - first, sharing the film trailer, and then a photo feature! They always put together the most beautiful posts, and we are so grateful to see our work displayed this way.

Have a look for yourself - head over to BM to see the full features HERE and HERE!

Thank you to Weddingbox Lake Como for the excellent coordination and eye candy! We can't wait to get back there soon! If you are planning a Lake Como wedding, get in touch - we are kinda experts now, lol.

Check out Instagram for some more images too


Tuesday 7 February 2017

Hot Love And Emotion, Endlessly...

Katie and Ryan's gorgeous OC wedding. Photo by STUDIO 1208

Separately, such rad people, but together, it is like home - comfort - your happy place. Spending the windiest day in the history of the World together brought so many surprises our way, but you never lost focus of what this day was all about, the celebration of deciding to hang out forever, crushing life together. I kinda love the way these two met - you will have to watch to know what I'm talking about... it is a sign of our modern times, but shows that even in this fast paced numbers game, you can find the one. This love is real, and solid as a rock - scratch that, STEEL.

So glad we could be a part of this with you, we love you!

KP and Ryan, you two are legends. Did you guys peep their incredible steeze - Katie's BAE pin on her one of a kind dress? Dying.


Friday 20 January 2017

Love Trumps Everything...

On a day that for some isn't that great, devastating even, I wanted to share something that will make you feel joy in the purest form. No matter what you believe in, you can always believe in the power of love.

Ben and Matti are really special to us. We didn't know them personally before they came to us to shoot their wedding, but it feels like we have known them all of our lives - like family. They are incredible. They also did something that humbled us beyond belief, and told us that they had had a "Nick and Maria jar" they kept since before they were engaged! Beyond - I could literally sob, I'm not kidding.

Now back to them.

Guys, the kind of love, respect and admiration these two have for each other is remarkable. It actually makes me wonder if they have ever had a fight, because they are THAT perfect together, and it doesn't surprise me that they love so beautifully, as their parents are all kinda the greatest humans on the planet. Let's just say, this group of people have it figured out, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. This is officially one of my favorite weddings ever - intimate, emotional, fun, and sooooo beautiful. Guys, you killed it!

Just watch, and let any sadness leave your heart, even for just a couple of minutes.


Thursday 12 January 2017

Losing Time...

This is a lesson to boys everywhere - if you find something special, go after it, and never give it up. Sara and Chris met on their first day of college, and became fast friends - nothing ever happened, and there were a few missed opportunities, but Chris always continued to make an effort to be near Sara and show her gestures of thoughtfulness. He even sent flowers to her family home during their first Christmas at college! What boy even does that, especially when you aren't even dating?! Chris does. And he is a G.

This is the trailer for their insanely fun and beautiful wedding. I know I say it all the time, but we get the coolest brides and grooms! Thank you for bringing us into such an amazing story, and Carly - love you, girl!

Thank you to Stacey and Leslie from Peony Events Co. for all of your help and for the laughs!!! And of course, to our dope second shooters, Matt and Paul for killing it as usual.

Friday 6 January 2017

Dancing In The Wind...

Libby and Ryan's gorgeous destination wedding in Oklahoma. Photo by STUDIO 1208
"And even when we become stardust, we will still be dancing in the wind together..."

Today is the day for Libby and Ryan's full film, and guys, it's magic. I don't really even know what to say, other than please watch it - it will make you feel happy, it will make you laugh, it will almost certainly make you cry, and it will reaffirm your belief in love and forever.

This is a beautiful story, filled with beautiful people - not just on the outside, either. Weddings are about the people, about embracing the day - everything that happens - the silly less than perfect moments, the word stumbles, the happy accidents, the real tears, the rawness of the emotions, and the absolutely pure unimaginable joy felt by two people.

Ok, I won't say another word, just press play.

password is: studio 1208


Monday 2 January 2017

Blog Feature - Bridal Musings Best of 2016...

Happy Freaking New Year, Everyone!!

Wow, 2016 has been a doozy... so much good stuff happened, a lot of weird stuff, and some just downright shitty stuff too. I am really trying to get it together enough to do a personal post to round out 2016, but until then, I wanted to share what one of our favourite (and let's be honest, one of the best) wedding blogs out there had to say about their faves of the year. Thank God someone has their shiz together!

It is always really extra awesome when members of the wedding community recognize your work as some of the best out there, and to get chosen as one of the best in 4 out of 5 of their categories is next level awesome. It always feels like you didn't do enough every year, like you might suck at your job more than you realize and that this is the year you will fall apart and lose it all, but then something like this happens, and you think to yourself, well, I guess we will survive, and people still like us. Phew!

Thank you to Elizabeth and Claire from Bridal Musings for always believing in our work, and for giving us the great honor of being among some of your favorite wedding visual goodness from 2016 - we are humbled and stoked!! Here's to 2017 and more badassery! Click on the links below to see the full posts, and check out what the fuss is all about!

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