Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Just You And I...

Tuscany is magic - let's just put that out there right away. To go there anytime, for any reason is just a gift, and to get married there is kinda what dreams are made of. Laura and Iván chose to make all of our dreams come true when they decided to get married there, and we can't thank them enough for bringing us along!

The hand-made / hand-drawn details, the joining of two cultures, that dress!, and the dance party to end all dance parties brought something incredibly special to this event far deeper than the obvious beauty that the countryside full of vineyards as far as the eye could see already provided. It was just awesome.

We can't wait to show you the full film and the photos, but this will have to do for now...


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kiss The World Goodnight...

Danny and Natalie's wedding was a dream. To be in the Amalfi Coast with your friends, watching your other friends get married is like, the greatest party you could have. This is our job - it's the best! We are so lucky to have a job where we can give someone a gift of memories of a day that goes by in an absolute flash. I think back to our wedding, and it was like a legit out of body experience. I remember some of it, of course, but the details can get very blurred - add in the time, and lots of it fades completely away. We are so grateful to have beautiful photos and video to bring us right back, putting the pieces back together!

I think this is one of the reasons that video is so important to a wedding. There is something so magical about looking at moving pictures where you can hear voices of those you love, combined with music that sets the tone -makes the story come to life. It isn't a replacement for photos, but it is something I don't think brides and grooms should live without…ever!

We are so proud to have shot Danny and Natalie's wedding. Their story is hilarious, with ups and downs and it's downright wonderful. Who knew a Summer "fling" would end up here, in paradise, exchanging beautiful vows, rings and forevers. And here we are, 6 Summers later…

To view the film, simply type: studio 1208


Friday, 3 October 2014

Because I'm Happy...

Nicola and Tony's gorgeous Sandhole Oak Barn wedding by STUDIO 1208

It's not often that you get a wedding day that starts off with rain and ends in glorious sunshine…and I mean GLORIOUS! People plan weddings in the Summer to give themselves the best chance with weather in this country, so to wake up and see that it is raining on your wedding day would be pretty disappointing, if not devastating to anyone. Not Nicola and Tony! They weren't worried at all, and they just wanted to see each other and hang out with the people they love most.

I suppose being a farmer's daughter makes Nicola a bit more bad ass than some girls, but she is just awesome and up for anything. You wanna go in a field full of sheep crap to shoot? No problem. Oh, it's also raining? Whatever, let's do it! They never batted an eyelash, and were so much fun to shoot with. I can't tell you how great it is when someone is up for anything - how fun it makes our job!

We had a great day with Mr. and Mrs. Blake!!!!!! and hoped hat you can see from this film just how great they are as people and most importantly, together as a team.

To view the film, please type in "studio 1208"


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here It Comes...

My heart always swells for military weddings. Just the thought that people have to be apart for months at a time is heartbreaking, but add in that one of them is fighting in a war and might never come home… unbearable. Emily and Jamie had to endure this torture, and they spent so much time apart that it is hard to believe that they still grew together, but they did. Stronger and stronger. It was an honor to be with them on this day, celebrating what was a long time coming together, and the day couldn't have been more perfect.

So happy to share their beautiful wedding film trailer with you all!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sometimes I Can't Believe It….

One of the real joys of our job, is learning how people got together and the fated chance that took them to that incredible point. But it's very rare that you get to shoot a wedding where you actually saw the relationship start, and then blossom. But with Danny and Nat, that's what happened. I remember back to the days where Natalie would get me extra shots in the bar she worked at, and Danny was working with me doing the sound (aka turning down the noise) for my band in Liverpool. Danny and I have shared some awesome times, from long driving journeys, from Hull to Southampton to Norway in three days... to recording in California and hell, Natalie even threw wine over Jackson as a baby at our wedding.

I am happy to say that we have had the total honour of being both of their friends for a long time now. I saw them fall in love, out of love and back in again, and remember the pure joy Maria and I felt when they got engaged.

To then be asked to tell their story is just mind blowing to me. The very fact that my life path has changed so much to mean that we were in the position to capture this for them is hard to believe, but we couldn't be more happy that it's how it played out.

So, from having tears in my eyes on the wedding day, and yet more tears while I edited... Here is the trailer of two of my best friends in the whole world. People, check out Danny and Natalie's trailer.


Nick x