Thursday, 22 June 2017

Forever Trill...

Molly Tarlov and Alexander Noyes wedding at Colony 29. Photos by STUDIO 1208

Molly Tarlov and Alexander Noyes wedding at Colony 29. Photos by STUDIO 1208

We met Molly and Alex at another wedding - they were rad and cute and interesting and funny. We always knew the wedding was gonna be dope because their style is really unique, and they are 100% true and real to who they are. Fast forward to this pink paradise in Palm Springs, and it did not disappoint! It was amazing watching them interact and speak directly into each other's hearts - they were so connected. The ceremony had us laughing and ugly crying and laughing some more - time stood still for them, and it felt really special to be a witness.

This trailer will give you all the feels, and make you wanna hashtag GoalsAF ten thousand times a second.
"Like the words etched on the inside of those rings...we have, we will, we ARE Forever Trill".


Thanks to Moonmilk Studios, Hello Gem and Pow Wow Design Studio for all the eye candy!!  And don't you guys die over their custom leather jackets from The Mighty Company?!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I Have To Praise You Like I Should...

Daisy and Andy, the true representation of what it means to be a team - the ultimate complimentary relationship. Opposites in many ways, these guys just fill in each other's blanks so easily and seamlessly, it is like they were made to bring the best out in one another. It's wonderful and fun and cheeky and not always in plain sight. It's the in-between that you catch it the most.

This wedding was beyond gorgeous - I mean, whenever it's Italy, our hearts skip a beat, but this one was like no other. The venue, Masseria Potenti, is a desert-like Oasis in the middle of vineyards, around the corner from the beach, and down the street from a historical town. It was like being somewhere else, but I don't know where...heaven, maybe?

We had the best time immersing ourselves in the group and into this story. We went on adventures and did some dangerous driving together, and here is your opportunity to see what it was all about. It is a good one, a really good one - and the song...

You die hard 1208 fans will be obsessed, I swear!


Friday, 31 March 2017

Featured! Chris and Masha on Bridal Musings...

Aaaahhhhhh, we have been waiting for this one to drop for ages! Finally, and so worth the wait, Chris and Masha's Lake Como wedding is here, and it is AMAZEBALLS. Today, our favorite wedding blog, Bridal Musings, did a fabulous double feature for this wedding - first, sharing the film trailer, and then a photo feature! They always put together the most beautiful posts, and we are so grateful to see our work displayed this way.

Have a look for yourself - head over to BM to see the full features HERE and HERE!

Thank you to Weddingbox Lake Como for the excellent coordination and eye candy! We can't wait to get back there soon! If you are planning a Lake Como wedding, get in touch - we are kinda experts now, lol.

Check out Instagram for some more images too


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hot Love And Emotion, Endlessly...

Katie and Ryan's gorgeous OC wedding. Photo by STUDIO 1208

Separately, such rad people, but together, it is like home - comfort - your happy place. Spending the windiest day in the history of the World together brought so many surprises our way, but you never lost focus of what this day was all about, the celebration of deciding to hang out forever, crushing life together. I kinda love the way these two met - you will have to watch to know what I'm talking about... it is a sign of our modern times, but shows that even in this fast paced numbers game, you can find the one. This love is real, and solid as a rock - scratch that, STEEL.

So glad we could be a part of this with you, we love you!

KP and Ryan, you two are legends. Did you guys peep their incredible steeze - Katie's BAE pin on her one of a kind dress? Dying.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Love Trumps Everything...

On a day that for some isn't that great, devastating even, I wanted to share something that will make you feel joy in the purest form. No matter what you believe in, you can always believe in the power of love.

Ben and Matti are really special to us. We didn't know them personally before they came to us to shoot their wedding, but it feels like we have known them all of our lives - like family. They are incredible. They also did something that humbled us beyond belief, and told us that they had had a "Nick and Maria jar" they kept since before they were engaged! Beyond - I could literally sob, I'm not kidding.

Now back to them.

Guys, the kind of love, respect and admiration these two have for each other is remarkable. It actually makes me wonder if they have ever had a fight, because they are THAT perfect together, and it doesn't surprise me that they love so beautifully, as their parents are all kinda the greatest humans on the planet. Let's just say, this group of people have it figured out, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. This is officially one of my favorite weddings ever - intimate, emotional, fun, and sooooo beautiful. Guys, you killed it!

Just watch, and let any sadness leave your heart, even for just a couple of minutes.