Sunday, 11 January 2015

Rozayyy Errr Dayyy...

I just love Sundays…the idea of sleeping in, eating a nice brunch, and just enjoying the day at a pace only to be described as lazy. Usually I like to do nothing work related on a Sunday (if I'm not shooting), but sometimes, you just feel really excited about something, and you kinda feel like a kid on Christmas. That's how I feel about this next film we are about to show you.

In the post for their wedding film trailer, I already talked about how Priscilla and I met, how epic their wedding was, how delicious everything was, how ridiculously good looking they are…and I touched on how much we love these people. I only touched on it because I didn't want to give everything away just on the trailer, but WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Like real love. Like going on vacation together love. They are the finest of the fine, the highest quality in human that you can get, and we get to keep them. It's just such a bonus to work with people that are so RAD! We miss them and their people, we miss their party, and I know a certain little boy who misses P's croissants…that sounds so wrong. But I miss them too.

It's with great honor and joy that I share this wedding film with all of you. Watch for Misha's entrance into the party and for Priscilla's serenade to her man (you can also find out what she was singing if you listen closely!) EPIC.

To view the film, simply type: studio 1208


Saturday, 10 January 2015

I Loved You Then And I Love You Now...

Happy Friday, everyone! Tough to get back into the swing of things after a nice holiday season, but we are so excited to share this wedding film trailer with you today! Not only is is gorgeous, but the story is beyond sweet too. Bonus!

Courtney and Matt met in college…you know, frat guy meets sorority girl, but more like super nice handsome guy meets beautiful go-getter girl. As cliche as it may sound, these two were completely meant to be and they continue to prove this with how they support each other through triumphs and tribulations. That's what it's really all about, isn't it? Being there for each other in a way that no one else can be, and being a support system for your partner through the good and the bad. Courtney and Matt are a great example of this, and the love they have for each other is impossible to ignore.

We loved being a part of their day, and the hilarious, sweet, thoughtful, teary moments we got to share with them and their nearest and dearest. They really are a great team. Speaking of team, we also loved working with the ever amazing Amber and her posse of badass ladies from Amber Events, who made this wedding truly spectacular in every way! Can't wait to share the rest of this amazingness with you!


Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Not Too Cool To Dance...

We want to say a huge thank you everyone! Friends, family, clients, clients who are now friends... you have ALL made this year awesome for us. We have been literally all over the globe, Bora Bora, Crete, LA, New York, Tuscany, Ravello, Edinburgh, Ireland, Oklahoma and Ibiza to name a few. It's been rad. You all made it rad. We lost a few bags, we didn't sleep much, but god damnit, we had fun. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell your beautiful stories and thank you for letting us into your lives.

Thank you also to our friends and family who love and support us on our journey. Places to crash, trips to being bear, great dinners, way too many drinks, and some of you always making sure Jax is looked after when we can't be there. We love you a million, we appreciate you even more.

So to really thank you - we figured we should give you all some free music. Probably don't play it around kids though. Or your parents. Or at work. Unless you work somewhere cool. It's pretty dayum crunk. (sorry Wendy).

These are the magical hidden mixes from our vow renewal this year out in Joshua Tree. The music theme was fun and whatever Maria wanted to hear, the dress code was Macklemore. (More to come from that really soon!)

When David Guetta cancelled on us last minute, I just knew the time had come for me to dust down the turntables and get deep into the electronic jungle for four hours. Four lazers and two strobes (from amazon) later - I knew it might be the best party anyone had ever witnessed. I also planned to drink so much Goldrush, that at least I would think it was the best party ever.

So - ripe and ready for your new year's eve party, or just getting ready, or going to the gym or just shaking your money maker at home.... here are the three mixes, in order of appearance at Hicksville. You can download them straight from the Soundcloud links.

P.S If you don't like the track selection or mixing... try to remember, I had been drinking since 11 am and I have not touched a turntable since 2008. Also, it's free, bro.

Happy New Year, batches! See you in 2015

Much Love

Nick, Maria and Jax


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Make It Like Your Birthday Everyday...

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

What an amazing year it has been - so many things to be grateful for, and so many amazing memories have been made. I couldn't think of a more perfect wedding to share than Willem and Brittany's! Their wedding was gorgeous, and festive and full of love and fun - styled to perfection by the fabulous Sitting In A Tree Events.

I have known Brittany since we were pretty young. She was one of my best friend's little sisters, and I always adored her to pieces. She is just a really amazing woman, completely badass, and totally ridiculously hot (I MEEEEEAN!). She and Willem make a perfect match - not just because he is also ridiculously good looking. It was beyond an honor to have shot her wedding - to see her transform into a bride and become a wife in front of my eyes was magical. We are so lucky to do what we do, and even more lucky that people who know us (and don't!) trust us to tell one of the most important stories of their lives!

Thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your lives, and for letting us in. We couldn't love what we do more, and the people we work with are truly a part of our family! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

And If It's All I Do, Then I Do It For You...

Suzanne and Mark's gorgeous destination wedding in Crete photo by STUDIO 1208
When you have a job or you run a business, you get into it for lots of reasons… for some, it's the money, or a passion, the flexibility, the challenge, to make a difference - the list goes on. However, one thing that people don't usually think about is the fact that they could make some amazing friends. We are super lucky in our work that we get to make tons of new friends with every wedding we shoot. I can't really believe that we have made so many close friends by doing our work - we work with the coolest, best people, and we get to keep them in our lives after all the work is done - BONUS!

Suzanne and Mark are no exception. These two are as amazing as they come - we are already planning a night out with them in the coming new year. They have a great story, and the love they have for each other is so deep. They are hilarious, and I really do think that laughter is one thing that keep relationships thriving.

We loved spending time in Crete with them, their families and friends - we had an amazing time, in fact! Their film shows just how much fun they are, and how much laughter and love surrounded this wedding. Hope you enjoy the full film, and if you missed it, make sure you check out their beautiful trailer too!

To view the film, simply type: studio 1208