Thursday, 12 January 2017

Losing Time...

This is a lesson to boys everywhere - if you find something special, go after it, and never give it up. Sara and Chris met on their first day of college, and became fast friends - nothing ever happened, and there were a few missed opportunities, but Chris always continued to make an effort to be near Sara and show her gestures of thoughtfulness. He even sent flowers to her family home during their first Christmas at college! What boy even does that, especially when you aren't even dating?! Chris does. And he is a G.

This is the trailer for their insanely fun and beautiful wedding. I know I say it all the time, but we get the coolest brides and grooms! Thank you for bringing us into such an amazing story, and Carly - love you, girl!

Thank you to Stacey and Leslie from Peony Events Co. for all of your help and for the laughs!!! And of course, to our dope second shooters, Matt and Paul for killing it as usual.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Dancing In The Wind...

Libby and Ryan's gorgeous destination wedding in Oklahoma. Photo by STUDIO 1208
"And even when we become stardust, we will still be dancing in the wind together..."

Today is the day for Libby and Ryan's full film, and guys, it's magic. I don't really even know what to say, other than please watch it - it will make you feel happy, it will make you laugh, it will almost certainly make you cry, and it will reaffirm your belief in love and forever.

This is a beautiful story, filled with beautiful people - not just on the outside, either. Weddings are about the people, about embracing the day - everything that happens - the silly less than perfect moments, the word stumbles, the happy accidents, the real tears, the rawness of the emotions, and the absolutely pure unimaginable joy felt by two people.

Ok, I won't say another word, just press play.

password is: studio 1208


Monday, 2 January 2017

Blog Feature - Bridal Musings Best of 2016...

Happy Freaking New Year, Everyone!!

Wow, 2016 has been a doozy... so much good stuff happened, a lot of weird stuff, and some just downright shitty stuff too. I am really trying to get it together enough to do a personal post to round out 2016, but until then, I wanted to share what one of our favourite (and let's be honest, one of the best) wedding blogs out there had to say about their faves of the year. Thank God someone has their shiz together!

It is always really extra awesome when members of the wedding community recognize your work as some of the best out there, and to get chosen as one of the best in 4 out of 5 of their categories is next level awesome. It always feels like you didn't do enough every year, like you might suck at your job more than you realize and that this is the year you will fall apart and lose it all, but then something like this happens, and you think to yourself, well, I guess we will survive, and people still like us. Phew!

Thank you to Elizabeth and Claire from Bridal Musings for always believing in our work, and for giving us the great honor of being among some of your favorite wedding visual goodness from 2016 - we are humbled and stoked!! Here's to 2017 and more badassery! Click on the links below to see the full posts, and check out what the fuss is all about!

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Find Your Husband Sundays...

YOU. GUYS. (I apologize for the over use of all caps and parentheses in this post)

This wedding is SO good, I mean, SO SO SO good. We went to Rhode Island for this one, and met these great people (obvs. fell in love with them), and had the best party ever. Not only did we fall in love with them, we fell in love with their coordinator, Elizabeth Lutz of Glass Event Boutique (a goddess), their floral designers, Greenlion Design (geniuses), and their prop stylist, Caylin Harris (yes that's a thing, and it's amazeballs)!

Anyway, Kira and her bestie, Jourdan devised a plan called "Meet your husband Sundays", and they would get dolled up, hit the bars that supported their local teams (to give each side a chance), and pretend like they cared about football. HA! Genius! And you know what, it worked... Kira and TJ met at the bar that supported the Buffalo Bills (Jourdan's home team)... are you still with me?? Long story short, Kira and TJ met, they fell in love, and now they are married - and they are the best. I almost forgot to mention this, but Kira also DESIGNED AND MADE her dress with her best friend Anokah, and it is NEXT LEVEL.

I can't wait to share some images with you all, it is an eyegasm for real! Enjoy this, and watch for my cameo in the trailer on the dance floor (duh). Also, go check out their Instagram cut on our page @Studio1208!


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Thursday, 24 November 2016

I Will Follow You Into The Dark...

GUYS. This wedding, these people. OMG.

Many of you will remember that we did a huge contest (#HookUpWithStudio1208) giving away free photo and video to a couple last year, and Libby and Ryan were our seriously deserving winners. They smashed it with all of their entries - their friends and family came out of the woodwork to support them, and we were blown away. Fast forward, and we are beyond grateful to have met them, and to now call them (and their friends and family) ours. They are part of our tribe - just the best people you could ever hope to meet, and I can't think of a more appropriate post to share on this day of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and love each other a little more today.