Wednesday 25 July 2012

Thank You

Just thanks, a million times over.

For all the love and support of what we do - we are so grateful.  We honestly love what we do so much, and find it so rewarding that we can help people re-live the best day ever in a beautiful way.  We received a phone call this morning from a bride's mother just to say thank you, and it was so kind, and to hear someone be that happy with our work was truly touching.  But it's time the tables have turned, because we have a lot of people to be thankful for too...

Thank you to all the brides who work so hard to create every detail of the day.  We know how much work and thought you put in, and it helps to make our job even easier.  Thank you for trusting us to catch everything, and to tell your story.  Thank you for looking after us with bacon butties, snacks, water and delicious meals - we might pass out without you.  Thank you for opening yourself and your life to us, and for your friendship when all is said and done.

Thank you to all the grooms who sometimes are part of putting every last detail together - building stuff, logistics, and if you are allowed, even decorating!!  But really, thank you for being such a great support to your brides - they couldn't do it without you, and neither could we.  Thank you for trusting us, and for opening up to us, even when you are getting emotional.  We know it's hard.  And although it is completely unnecessary, thank you for including us in your speeches sometimes - you REALLY don't have to do that, but how kind of you to think of us like that.  Oh, and thanks for looking after us with drinks during the night.  Again, totally unnecessary, but we love you for it.

Thank you to all the best friends - the maids of honour, the best men, the bridesmen, the groomswomen.  You are also a great support, and an extra brain, and extra set of hands, and sometimes, a supportive, loving ear to be vented on.  You keep them sane and calm their nerves - you're worth your weight in gold.  Thank you for wrangling stray family members for pictures, and for putting your "listening hats" on!!  Haha.

Thank you to all of the parents.  You are often a silent hero in all of the madness, but we want to give you some major love.  We honour you for your unconditional love, support, and thoughtfulness, as well as your often immense financial support to your kids.  You are responsible for the people who begin their married lives on that day, and are responsible for having given them an idea of what married life should look like.  You should be proud.

Thank you to all the vendors who work so hard for people you don't even know.  To the vendors that treat each wedding as if it were their own child getting married, we recognise and notice you - you make all the difference in the world.  Thank you for working hand in hand with us, sharing space, angles, ideas, and advice with us.  Thank you for looking after us, and for welcoming us onto the bride and groom's team with open arms.  We are all here for them.

Thank you to our friends and family who have supported us in everything we do.  Sometimes we need cheerleaders too, and you never disappoint.  When we think we suck, you tell us we don't - when we do suck, you tell us how we could improve.  You help spread the word about us and what we do to everyone you know.  You vote for us in contests, you comment on our blogs that we aren't sure anyone actually reads other than when they comment.  You help us build STUDIO 1208, and you are as much a part of our successes as we are.  We love you and could never thank you enough.


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  1. For two talented people who may never be honored at a banquet... there may be no Oscar, no Emmy... but what a thoughtful and lovely speech of thanks and appreciation. Your "attitude of gratitude" is one of the reasons you both connect so well with your clients. That (along with your amazing talents) is the secret of your success! And from this side of the computer screen, thanks for recognizing all of the people who help make these images and moments possible!