Sunday 2 December 2012

We Had A Really, Really, Really Good Time...

Oh what can we say about Aimee and Sean?  To know them is to love them.  Seriously!  We will never forget our time spent together in Hawaii, and the way they went out of their way to take care of us and make us feel like family.  We love these guys, and are honored to have been a part of the best party Hawaii has ever seen.

And now everyone can see just how amazing it actually was...
From the natural beauty of Kailua, the incredible handmade details (and food!!) everywhere you looked, surfing, pineapple fields, Sean arriving on the African Queen, amazing vows, and a photo booth, to jumping into the ocean with clothes on...or no clothes at all and dancing all night, it was perfect and totally them.



  1. So beautiful!! You guys are so talented!!! Thank you for capturing one of the most important moments in my best friends' lives!! Can't wait for photos! XOXOX

  2. so incredibly amazing!!!! love your work (and your kick ass website name!!)

    another hawai'i fan,

  3. Hi!! What's the new password? Xoxox

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