Wednesday 2 January 2013

What A Life...

Happy New Year everyone! It has been quite a year for STUDIO 1208 - we have met so many great people, made so many friends, and created some gorgeous art. It has been challenging at times, and at others, like paradise. There is so much in store for the new year, and we are so excited to announce that we are opening a physical studio location! More on that later.

I wanted to share one of our last weddings of 2012 with you guys today - the follow up to Ashlin and James' "coming soon" wedding film trailer. Sometimes I think about that moment when people meet their future husband or wife for the first time. You just never know when it is going to happen, and looking back on the night Nick and I met for the first time brings a smile to my face - I was so unsuspecting, and so was he.

Ashlin and James have a great story. They met at an interview - James interviewed Ash for a new job, and as was mentioned in a (very funny) speech, when she walked in, he started recruiting in more ways than one...

They really are so good together, so loving, and absolutely there for each other through thick and thin. And he calls her the ginger ninja! So glad to have met these wonderful people, and we wish them a fantastic, full life together!

Stay tuned for their photos coming soon!



  1. It is great to read the story of this beautiful couple and I also think that they are a perfect match for each other. The wedding camerawork is really beautiful and surely requires admiration.