Wednesday 15 May 2013

Fallin', Yes I Am Fallin'...

We knew that we had fallen for Justin and Kate the moment we met them, and talked non-stop for about 5 hours straight.  It was meant to be an hour long-ish meeting, but I was prepared to ask them to eat dinner with us if they didn't have somewhere to be!  They are fantastic people, and you can tell even more by the people they keep.  Gems.

It is our real pleasure to share their full wedding film with you today.  Their wedding was genuinely so much fun, and there was a buzz in the air that made it even more magical.  Their families and friends are a party waiting to happen - they are wild and crazy, but down to earth and kind.  Our kind of people!

So what do you get when you cross Geordie Shore with the Desperate Scousewives?  The answer: not Justin and Kate, but that show sounds #AMAZEBALLS.  A huge congrats to these guys, and we love you!!


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