Friday 27 September 2013

Cosmic Love...

Sometimes the slightest things can change the directions of our lives. The merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark or meeting. Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen and so as fate would have it, Peter and Leland were simply supposed to be together.

As the stars aligned for them during their chance meeting in the Hamptons, their story and romance grew into something so beautiful it is almost impossible to explain in words. To be honest, it was pretty difficult to capture on film and through photographs... but only because true 'magic' does not always transcend media all that well. But it's important that you know that the whole experience and wedding day, was shrouded in a feeling of joy and purity that was, well, inexplicable.

Maybe it was the incredible friends and family that came together from all over the globe to celebrate it. Maybe it was the natural beauty of Sintra, Portugal which provided the rustic back drop or even the stunning Casa Dos Penedos. Maybe it was the walk through a secret garden to the ceremony, or maybe it was those golden rays of sunshine that lit Peter and Leland as they kissed while the sun set.

Maybe it was everything, all happening just the way it should. The way it was supposed to happen. But, when those first gentle notes of 'Cosmic Love' rang out for Peter and Leland's first dance (an unreleased version of Cosmic Love, btw, given to Leland by Florence Welch herself), we all knew we had just been part of something very, very special.

To say that we love these people wouldn't be sufficient for the way we feel about them. Leland and Peter are amazing - their families, their friends, and their story are just beautiful. I only hope we in some small way, we managed to bottle just some of the cosmic love that surrounded this wedding, and can share it with you.

Nick x

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  1. Magical!! So beautiful—I'm crying! Congratulations Leland and Peter!