Sunday 3 November 2013

Home Sweet Home….

So a little while ago, we introduced you to Peter and Leland's incredible story, and today we are SO happy to show you their full film! With a back drop of beautiful Sintra, Portugal and a fairytale-like love, it was simply a magical wedding. If you missed the trailer, (where were you?) then check it out HERE.

The words that were said at the wedding really resonated with me the whole plane ride home. "Call it coincidence, destiny, fate, kismet. In one moment, lives can collide and change forever, yet chance encounters are not necessarily accidental. In fact, you can make your own luck by opening yourself to the world…" When you listen to the magical series of events that drew Peter and Leland together, it makes even more sense.

As I said in our previous post - to say that we love not only these two, but all the amazing friends and family they have, wouldn't be sufficient for the way we feel about them! The happy feeling that surrounded this wedding was overwhelming and we feel totally and utterly honored to have been able to tell their story. In their own words, neither of them need a map again… because together, they are well and truly home.

Nick x

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