Wednesday 23 April 2014

The Perfect Halo...

Erin and Chris met in what they say is a "quasi-embarrassing" way,, but to me, there is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about that, it is the sign of the times. And thank God for that, because a dating site has brought these two, as well as 5 other couples of ours together! Rad.

This wedding was one we looked forward to from the word go. Maybe it was the fact that it was in Bora Bora? Maybe it was the fact that it was the smallest wedding we had ever been asked to shoot - only 7 including the bride and groom. Or maybe it was the fact that we instantly clicked, and I knew we would be friends once it was all said and done. Whatever it was, we were beyond excited to meet these people in person, tell their amazing story in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and be a part of something only a few people had the honor of seeing happen live. And I wasn't wrong about being friends - these guys are real-deal "lifers" now. We miss them already! So, I won't let you wait another second... the awesome trailer...


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  1. Nick & Maria - you two are beyond amazing. We cannot thank you enough for not only capturing the most important day of our lives, but for being a part of our special day. We feel so lucky to have found you and even luckier to call you our friends. Thank you for your beautiful sentiments and for this incredible trailer. Every time we watch it, we are right back in Bora Bora reliving every moment. Every time we watch it we tear up. It is perfect. Lots of love, Chris & Erin