Tuesday 9 September 2014

Sometimes I Can't Believe It….

One of the real joys of our job, is learning how people got together and the fated chance that took them to that incredible point. But it's very rare that you get to shoot a wedding where you actually saw the relationship start, and then blossom. But with Danny and Nat, that's what happened. I remember back to the days where Natalie would get me extra shots in the bar she worked at, and Danny was working with me doing the sound (aka turning down the noise) for my band in Liverpool. Danny and I have shared some awesome times, from long driving journeys, from Hull to Southampton to Norway in three days... to recording in California and hell, Natalie even threw wine over Jackson as a baby at our wedding.

I am happy to say that we have had the total honour of being both of their friends for a long time now. I saw them fall in love, out of love and back in again, and remember the pure joy Maria and I felt when they got engaged.

To then be asked to tell their story is just mind blowing to me. The very fact that my life path has changed so much to mean that we were in the position to capture this for them is hard to believe, but we couldn't be more happy that it's how it played out.

So, from having tears in my eyes on the wedding day, and yet more tears while I edited... Here is the trailer of two of my best friends in the whole world. People, check out Danny and Natalie's trailer.


Nick x

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  1. Nic and Maria thanks so much for this. We have ben waiting eagerly for a glimpse and we are not disappointed (although you failed in your promise to make me look like George Clooney. Probably an impossible task) your summary was a joy to read. Cheers Tom