Sunday 16 October 2016

It's Not Bitter, Just Oh So Sweet...

Anna and Johnny. How do I explain these people? Well, it's easy... the most electric, fun, wild, generous, badass, chic, amazing people ever. That is no joke or exaggeration either - they are incredible, and the people around them are just the same. Never a dull or boring moment with them, and they want everyone to have fun, not just themselves. We love them for this (and so many more reasons)!

Their wedding was in France - the South of France, Provence to be exact. It was pretty much friends only, outside of the small handful of family in attendance, and this wedding reflected everything that they are above. We had the time of our lives celebrating the time of their lives - we never wanted it to end. This also marked the first destination wedding that we brought our whole Studio 1208 squad to (more about that in another post to come), and they smashed it, BIG TIME!

So, the only thing left to do is won't be disappointed. And her dress... holy moly!