Tuesday 13 March 2012

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oooooh...

yeah, i just made a justin bieber reference... it will make sense in a minute!

boy or girl? bunting photo by STUDIO 1208

we recently did the cutest maternity session with robyn + joe, which will be coming very soon. they aren't finding out the sex of their baby, and i loved the bunting that they had made for the occasion! it got me thinking... i wonder what percentage of people in the USA don't find out the sex vs. do find out? in my experience so far, it seems that most people in the US do find out, while most in the UK don't. same goes for epidurals!!!

i was totally american, it seems!

anyway, what do you guys think? did/do you want to find out? why?



  1. I really wanted to find out our baby's sex as we were only planning on having the one and I have always wanted a girl. As one of my friends said to me before we had her, "You are so the mum of a girl."

    Of course I'd have been delighted with a boy and no doubt fallen crazily in love in exactly the same way, but that didn't stop me wanting... well, what did I want? A mini-me? A little quiet sweetie to sit in the corner and do colouring? I'm not sure.

    But in the days before I had my scan, I found myself buying a lot of pink things - a bag, a filofax, shoes... it only occurred to me later that I was subconsciously wishing hard (via all the shopping) for the result to be a girl. :o)