Saturday 19 May 2012

Love Like The Movies...

Sometimes you become connected with someone serendipitously, and end up being part of the biggest day of their life.  Enter Kate.  I connected with her on Twitter, and happened to see that she had written a blog post about planning her wedding in 2 months.  Once I read the blog, I knew that Nick and I had to be a part of her wedding and her story.  I contacted her, and turns out, she still needed cinematography for her wedding!  DONE!

I won't reveal too much about the day since this is only the coming soon film - but I will say this,
What a day!  We are so blessed to have made these friends and to have been there to help tell their story.

Here is a lovely image we snapped of Kate's proud dad, Clive and her beautiful mom, Lorraine.  Love to all of you!
proud father of the bride smiles photo by STUDIO 1208

Maria + Nick


  1. There's not much we can say, but thank you. This means the absolute world to us. xxxxx You are simply amazing! x x x

  2. HOLY CRAP!!!! You knocked it out the park!!! wowowowowowowowowo!!

    Right lets get this pictures edited:)

  3. Oh my god guys this looks seriously incredible. You're so going to be getting a call from me when my big day comes along. Should probably let the boy know about Amazing work, truly. Cassie x

  4. Wow! I am in tears!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh my goodness, what a beautifully shot film. I'm full of emotion. Such a precious piece of history captured forever for Kate and Andy.
    Fabulous work. Love Shelley (Kitty & Dulcie)

  6. Five years on never get tired of watching this. Beautiful memory of my Daughters very special day. So much has happened over the last five years. Some very sad moments, losing Kate's father one month after this day.
    A wonderful day on which Kate and Andy's daughter came into our lives 2015 and filled our hearts with happiness.
    Bless you for the skill and tenderness you showed during the making of this epic video.

    Lorraine ( Kate's mum)