Saturday, 19 May 2012

Love Like The Movies...

Sometimes you become connected with someone serendipitously, and end up being part of the biggest day of their life.  Enter Kate.  I connected with her on Twitter, and happened to see that she had written a blog post about planning her wedding in 2 months.  Once I read the blog, I knew that Nick and I had to be a part of her wedding and her story.  I contacted her, and turns out, she still needed cinematography for her wedding!  DONE!

I won't reveal too much about the day since this is only the coming soon film - but I will say this,
What a day!  We are so blessed to have made these friends and to have been there to help tell their story.

Here is a lovely image we snapped of Kate's proud dad, Clive and her beautiful mom, Lorraine.  Love to all of you!
proud father of the bride smiles photo by STUDIO 1208

Maria + Nick


  1. There's not much we can say, but thank you. This means the absolute world to us. xxxxx You are simply amazing! x x x

  2. HOLY CRAP!!!! You knocked it out the park!!! wowowowowowowowowo!!

    Right lets get this pictures edited:)

  3. Oh my god guys this looks seriously incredible. You're so going to be getting a call from me when my big day comes along. Should probably let the boy know about Amazing work, truly. Cassie x

  4. Wow! I am in tears!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh my goodness, what a beautifully shot film. I'm full of emotion. Such a precious piece of history captured forever for Kate and Andy.
    Fabulous work. Love Shelley (Kitty & Dulcie)

  6. Wowzers! Quality. That's it.