Monday 25 June 2012

It's My Party.....And I'll Cry If I Want To!

We have had such an incredible year!  I still can't quite believe it was a year ago, today, that we were saying our very own "I do's" in a little pink church in Cheshire.  We have shot so many beautiful weddings over the past year or so, but we both still love to sit and watch our own film every so often.

We always tear up, have a cry and then laugh and smile.  I think we always will.  If a film like this can mean so much to us, then it makes us very happy that we can create that same special feeling for our own brides and grooms.

I don't think either Maria or I honestly felt the true importance of wedding photos and video until we had our own captured.  I was especially taken back by the film aspect, because I never really considered how much of the day the bride and groom don't get to see!  For me (and I am sure most of you "married's" out there!), the whole wedding day was a whirlwind - an incredible day charged with adrenaline and emotion.  It races past so quickly, it's easy to forget and miss things.

To see Maria opening gifts, or walking out of the hotel with her dad is amazing for me.  It feels like I was there, even though I wasn't!  There are so many moments in our film that I seriously do NOT remember myself, or was not around for.  That's what makes wedding films such an important part of your wedding day, and I have to recommend ANYONE getting married to do it.  The pictures of course capture those amazing 'moments' but there is something about moving pictures that just edges it for me.

So a year on... Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife, work partner, fantastic mommy and best friend. I love you, and I always will.

Nick xx

Thank you again to Daniel and Katie at Paperback Weddings for doing such an amazing job shooting video on our day! You guys rock :) If you want to watch it in HD over at Paperback Weddings, then please click here.  Also, thank you to Tyler and Katie at Tyler Branch Photo for our amazing pictures - we will always cherish them!

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  1. maria and nick that was so lovely thanks for sharing such a precious day xx