Wednesday 22 August 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time...

This is the wedding trailer for the incredibly good looking... new Mr. and Mrs. Malbon! Craig and Sam got married at the stunning Combermere Abbey this Summer. With its climbing ivy and beautiful grounds, it really was an amazing setting. To add to that, these two made every effort to ensure their wedding day was so much fun! They were both so relaxed and simply loved every minute of getting married, and also managed to grab the only dry day for months in this glorious English 'Summer' we are having!

From the choreographed first dance, to a live impromptu 'gig'- all wrapped up with a huge firework display, the fun, laughter and good times just kept on rolling! Most of all though, it was plain to see just what a great match Craig and Sam are. It was just two best friends, totally in love, getting ready to share their life together. As Craig put it "Sam, the love of my life…and now my wife"

Enjoy xx

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