Monday 17 June 2013

Dream Impossible...

Today, we share the full wedding film for Tatiana and Joe...aka Tati G and J-BiZzNys (you will get it when you watch). These two are unlike anyone we have ever met. They exude positivity and light, and you want to be a part of everything they do, say and are. Two people so well matched, that they are an extension of each other - finishing sentences, playing off of one another, and ball-so-hard swag for dayyyysssssss.

We can't tell you how happy and excited we are to have met these people, and to have made genuine friends not only with them, but their loved ones too. We are so excited for their future, not only in marriage, but in business and life. Huge things for these two and all around them.

We can all benefit from having positive people in our lives - people who pick us up and remind us that life is what you make of it. My favorite line from the film is something that Joe said..."Do what you do, and YOU make that hot".  True story. And that, my friends is exactly what Tot and Joe are all about. So, I leave you with the Hotness, the Baron and Baroness of Swag, the Magical Motivational Mavericks, the Guru's of Go Hardness... Tatiana and Joe Buysssssss

Dream Impossible


  1. BEEEEEEEEEEEEAST MODE! You made me look so much cooler than I really am. ;) LOVE YOU TWO!!

  2. This is sickkkkkkkk! Great job on the production. Congrats to the bride and groom. God Bless. Andrea Loman