Monday 11 November 2013

With A Little Bit Of Luck….

We were SO happy to get to shoot Rob and Abi's incredible wedding! We were already friends with them, and so we have had the privilege of seeing their love grow for quite a while now. It was amazing to be able to tell their story AND see friends get hitched at the same time! Rob and Abi could not be more different, but that truly is what makes their match so incredible. Those differences in culture and personality simply bring them even closer together and make them love each other's individual characteristics just that little bit more. Rob's Caribbean heritage makes him literally so laid back he is almost horizontal... and Abi's creativity and organization helps round them out as a couple (they both admit without it they would probably never be anywhere on time!)

A chance meeting on Faliraki beach, and Rob 'saving' Abi from the clutches of another man in a club, led them to this wonderful point in their journey. (He also proposed outside the Taj Mahal, which is a pretty good effort!) So that little bit of luck in Greece led us to where they are now, together forever. Check out their awesome wedding film trailer and some pretty awesome dance moves...

Nick x

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