Monday 24 November 2014

We Can Waste Time Together...

Well, what can I even say about this wedding, about these people who I love so dearly, they are like family at this point?! Priscilla and I met in grade school - yes, the two of us playing in our Catholic school uniforms on the playground together, chasing boys and probably doing some kind of cheerleading and gymnastics (take it easy, boys!). We lost touch over the years, but she found me again when the time was right - after her and Misha got engaged. I am so glad she did - she is everything, and Misha, well, that guy is just as legit as they come.

This wedding was off the chain, basically. Do you guys like food? Good wine, perhaps? Desserts that make you want to cry because you know how bad, yet fantastic they are? Well, so do they, and it just so happens that they know some people who can make all of our culinary dreams come true…and they did, big time! Let's also have a mention to the epic dance party complete with a sing-a-long, (minorly awkward) story-telling, beautiful poem reading and amazing rap serenade wrapped up with an amazing band (and a badass Matron of Honor).

AND can we PLEASE talk about how beautiful these tow creatures are?! Good LORD.

We love them. LOVE THEM! Here is their trailer


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