Thursday 20 August 2015

You've Got The Love...

A footballer and a model. Sounds familiar, right? Money, bling, flash, and all the stereotypes that come with the 'label'. But Erin and Fabio's story goes way deeper, beyond any of the surface view that most people think that they see. When people are in the public eye in any sense, it's funny to me that we suddenly think we 'know' them or that we can pass judgement on any part of their life. We all know everything about them, right?

Wrong. Erin and Fab take stereotypes and turn them on their head. What they have is simple, and so very pure. It is young love in absolute transcendency. There is no show and no pretence, no entitlement and no dissimulation, just authentic love and admiration for each other. They have the kind of joy in each other's presence where they can simply glance at each for a brief moment in any situation, and a silly smile comes over both their faces. They are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other's souls, and for us to be able to capture that, is magical.

So forget about stereotypes, shed all those predetermined views, and just watch this story unfold as we did. It is a story about a beautiful girl with a huge heart from Liverpool, and fun loving local boy from Bologna who laid eyes on each other just once... and knew straight away that they were destined to be together.

Nick x

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