Wednesday 16 September 2015

You're Just My Type....

Love really does come wearing disguises. You don't expect to be just in work one night, things really slow and quiet... when all of a sudden, the man you will marry just walks right on in. Despite living in the same place, the timing had never been right for these two incredible people to meet. Greg and Emma took that 'lucky' meeting, and between a lot of laughs, a long distance relationship AND a move to Italy crafted a simply beautiful relationship.

They really are best friends, and they constantly keep each other laughing. And though they don't take things too seriously, the love they have for each other is a deep and very grounded one. They moved to Italy together (neither spoke Italian before they came), and it is that spirit of adventure, that ability to grow their story together, that makes them such a great match.

So... Andiamo! It's time for a little taste of Greg and Emma's beautiful Lake Maggiore wedding!


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