Saturday 31 October 2015

Electric Feel...

Jess and Fred's gorgeous destination wedding in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by STUDIO 1208

Fred and Jess lived in the same apartment complex for almost 4 years - saying hi in the elevator, smiling at each other in the stairwell. It wasn't until her very proactive and wise roommate put together a happy hour, when Fred and Jess had the first of a lifetime of great conversations. These two gorgeous people are made for each other - they are effortless and comfortable, and they have each other's back. It's easy to see when you watch this film, why they chose Portugal as their backdrop, how they would have been drawn together at that Happy Hour, and why their love will stand the test of time. We are so happy to have been a part of this beautiful story, and look forward to getting to spend lots more time with Fred, Jess and their friends in the future. I mean, we love a good party, and these people know how to bring it!

To view the film, simply type: 'studio 1208' below


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