Wednesday 12 October 2016

But If You Close Your Eyes...

We shot Katie Perry's wedding!

It's true! Maybe not THAT Katy Perry, but this Katie didn't let us down - she was beautiful, fun, and I'm not sure if she can sing, but she can definitely dance! Luke wasn't too shabby himself... he is one of the coolest, most down to Earth people ever, and his personality is totally just want to be around him AND his dance moves! I was so happy that the rain went away for these two and ended up giving us the most spectacular light later in the day - I'm 100% sure someone was watching over these two, and it was absolute magic - they deserved every second of it.

I know I say it all the time, but we really do have the best brides and grooms - not to mention their families and friends, who end up ours. I'm not sure how we have managed to attract all the best people in the world, but thankfully they come to us, and we are beyond lucky to tell their stories and give them the gift of family heirlooms on such a special day.

I love this trailer - it shows how much fun these guys are, and also makes me tear up every time (I am seriously emotional about my people!) Enjoy!



  1. Splendiferous funkadelic awesomeness well and truly 1208 ��

  2. I just cry everytime, I want to hug you guys at Studio 1208 this is amazing, Nick and Maria and the rest of the team, you are miracle workers. And damn hot ones too!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! From Sister of the groom, best man and bridesmaid, i salute you x

  3. Watching this just brings us so much joy, we choke up and we can't stop smiling as we watch now that's magic right there. Can't thank you guys enough for making this so special for us something we will treasure for our lifetime and forever watch lol again and again and again hehe LOTS love you guys xxx
    P.s can we do it all again? :-D

  4. Dean & Clare SherwoodThursday, 13 October, 2016

    WOW you guys at Studio 1208 have really captured the special moments at Katie and Luke's wedding. We loved watching the trailer and can't wait to watch the full video xx SPECIAL MEMORIES FOREVER xx Well done you guys.

  5. Admiring the sheer joy and magical moments captured in this heartwarming trailer! The essence of genuine connections on special days like this adds a unique touch to your storytellin.