Thursday 27 July 2017

Let's Do This!!!!

We walked up to the hotel room door, and it was thrown open by the most beautiful blonde. She squealed my name, and we hugged like we've been friends for our entire life. Caroline. She is pure sunshine - she makes everyone happy and is always bouncing around joyfully. She could make taking out the trash interesting! I loved her right from the moment we first talked, and was so happy to be on this journey with her. She picked the coolest, most handsome, fun, interesting man in Christopher.

Watching them together, and their amazing friends and family was so much fun - they invited us to share in everything with them, and it really was an experience we will never forget. I am so excited to share their wedding film trailer today - the whole trip was incredible, and it ended with the best firework show over the ocean... and yes, we flew the drone during the fireworks, and it was amazzzzzzinnggggggg!

Thank you to Caroline and Chris for making this week so amazing, to their families for sharing meals and stories with us, and for all of our new friends who we can't wait to have another dance party and G&T with soon! Also, a special thanks to The Wedding Company Portugal for always being the best, and for creating the most gorgeous eye candy!!!