Sunday 6 November 2011

New York, New York....

We are so pleased to debut this film!   I always think that everytime Nick does a film that it is his best work to date, and this film is no exception.  This is the full wedding film for the beautiful Danny and Miriam.  When the best man, Steve, jokingly described them as "the couple that comes with the frame", he was not far wrong!

They met in New York, and just three months later, Danny not only changed his career, but also moved out to California so that they could be together.  With so many memories still in the East Coast, they decided to get married at the exclusive Crest Hollow Country Club, close to where Danny grew up in Long Island.

This was a simply incredible big fat Greek, Lebanese, Irish, Italian wedding, all summed up in an epic, tear- jerking end to the best man's speech by Steve, Danny's brother.

"So long as you guys have each other, and so long as you guys love each other, you will always be in the right place".

We couldn't agree more.

Massive congrats to them, and we hope you enjoy!



  1. Beautiful! You guys are really incredible at capturing every moment!! I should start getting quotes ; ) - Christina

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