Sunday 18 August 2013

God's Great Dancefloor....

MaryAnn and Prince met at another Ghanaian event nearly two years before they got together, and incredibly, their paths were destined to meet again. From the second they saw each other, the 'next' time on a date set up by Prince... they both knew it was meant to be. Their wedding was at the beautiful Braxted Park Estate in Essex and was our first ever Ghanaian event! The colors, vibrancy and energy were simply incredible, and we feel very privileged to have been a part of the day and able to tell the story. There was so much joy and love being shared with some incredible friends and family - it was overflowing.

I know they both feel that their meeting was less chance, and more a path created for them to follow. As part of MaryAnn's letter to Prince said, "I know that what God has started, he will surely complete and the best is yet to come".

With a beautifully touching ceremony and some amazing dance moves - you wont want to miss this! To get us started, here is their wedding trailer....

Nick x


  1. Stunning. Haven't forgotten about you guts. I still want photos and a theatre promo video. Just got so much on at the moment. Great work xx

  2. OMG Looks like the trailer for a film! Really lovely capturing of a beautiful day. Still remember the cheers when the priest announced they were man an wife! Xxx

  3. This is really beautiful. Glory to God!