Thursday 26 December 2013

Bienvenidos A Miami...

Happy Boxing Day! Hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays, whatever you celebrate. While it's cold here in jolly ole' England, we are gonna take you to where it's warm…

"A perfect blend of characteristics: chic, yet warm and inviting; glamorous, yet without attitude; historically iconic, yet tastefully modernised." Interestingly enough, this sentence was used to describe The Raleigh Hotel, where our next couple got married, but it could also be used to describe Gabby and Matt. They are awesome, and I mean REALLY awesome. Some of the coolest people you could ever hope to meet, with one of the most interesting stories out there. They are so good together - I talk a lot about a yin and yang in relationships, and these two really have the balance down to a science. I love watching them together, it is electric.

Their wedding was stunning, with no beautiful detail spared (seriously, beyond!), but the real factor that made this wedding so magical was the people, the vibe, and the electricity that everyone could feel. We can't wait to show you everything, but here is the first bit in telling the story of these wonderful people…

Welcome to Miami!


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  1. I cant stop watching this. Its such an emotional 4 minutes!!!