Tuesday 12 August 2014

May My Heart Be Your Shelter, And My Arms Be Your Home...

Danielle and Adam's wedding was amazing. Their energy as a couple and as two people is next level. They bring the fun and joy with them wherever they go, and you could feel a legitimate buzz in the air all week. We enjoyed being in Ireland with them so much, and were so honoured to tell their beautiful story. Their ceremony was gorgeous, combining two religions together seamlessly and the most perfect, heartfelt vows to each other. Not a dry eye in the house, especially when Danielle's mom blew us all away with her performance of Ave Maria.

These two were up for anything, even having their first meeting in a miniature monsoon. No rain, wind or icy temperatures could keep them from having fun, looking into each other's eyes and being completely present in the moment.

Enjoy watching this, everyone. This is how you do a wedding!

To view the film, simply type in studio 1208

And if you missed their wedding film trailer, have a look HERE

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