Thursday 10 July 2014

Come What May...

Adam and Danielle's wedding was so cool for us to be a part of. We actually met Danielle at the first wedding we ever shot as Studio 1208, and fell in love with her from the word go. Her personality is magnetizing - she is adventurous and fun and while she is a polished lady, she can throw down with the boys just as easily. Enter Adam, Danielle's perfect match. He matches her in fun and adventure and is down to earth, yet an incredibly polished gentleman.

They decided to have their wedding in Ireland, a place dear to Danielle's heart, as her mother's family is from there and spent countless summers with her cousins, falling in love with the beauty and charm that the small island bursts with.

We won't give away too much, but it was not only beautiful and fun, it was a true mix of culture, family and tradition in the most lovely way. Here is Danielle and Adam's wedding film trailer...



  1. *bawl* thats so darn cute guys.... love the words... delighted to be a part of your lovely lovely lovely day xxx Jill & The Wild Crew