Monday 2 January 2017

Blog Feature - Bridal Musings Best of 2016...

Happy Freaking New Year, Everyone!!

Wow, 2016 has been a doozy... so much good stuff happened, a lot of weird stuff, and some just downright shitty stuff too. I am really trying to get it together enough to do a personal post to round out 2016, but until then, I wanted to share what one of our favourite (and let's be honest, one of the best) wedding blogs out there had to say about their faves of the year. Thank God someone has their shiz together!

It is always really extra awesome when members of the wedding community recognize your work as some of the best out there, and to get chosen as one of the best in 4 out of 5 of their categories is next level awesome. It always feels like you didn't do enough every year, like you might suck at your job more than you realize and that this is the year you will fall apart and lose it all, but then something like this happens, and you think to yourself, well, I guess we will survive, and people still like us. Phew!

Thank you to Elizabeth and Claire from Bridal Musings for always believing in our work, and for giving us the great honor of being among some of your favorite wedding visual goodness from 2016 - we are humbled and stoked!! Here's to 2017 and more badassery! Click on the links below to see the full posts, and check out what the fuss is all about!

Best of BM 2016: Weddings

Best of BM 2016: Wedding Films

Best of BM 2016: Most Unique Ideas

Best of BM 2016: Styled Shoots



  1. Whoop! You guys are absolutely amazing!!! It's such an honour to feature your beautiful work - we can't get enough of it! I predict 5 out 5 next year ;) Happy new year to you two talented humans. I look forward to your personal 2016 post - you can always just whack your best 9 from Instagram up. Easy as. And yes, here's to an awesome 2017! xx

  2. great memories and such a beautiful day <3


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