Friday, 6 January 2017

Dancing In The Wind...

Libby and Ryan's gorgeous destination wedding in Oklahoma. Photo by STUDIO 1208
"And even when we become stardust, we will still be dancing in the wind together..."

Today is the day for Libby and Ryan's full film, and guys, it's magic. I don't really even know what to say, other than please watch it - it will make you feel happy, it will make you laugh, it will almost certainly make you cry, and it will reaffirm your belief in love and forever.

This is a beautiful story, filled with beautiful people - not just on the outside, either. Weddings are about the people, about embracing the day - everything that happens - the silly less than perfect moments, the word stumbles, the happy accidents, the real tears, the rawness of the emotions, and the absolutely pure unimaginable joy felt by two people.

Ok, I won't say another word, just press play.

password is: studio 1208



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