Monday, 30 July 2012

Anyone for Tennis....?

I feel like I say this so often, but we are incredibly lucky to work with such amazing couples!  David and Rebecca's wedding was no exception, and had literally e. ve. ry. thin. g.

Set at the idyllic Narborough Hall, with row boats on the lake and croquet on the lawn, we all "Lorded" it up in high society for the day! (I could definitely get used to it!)  There was a high tea party, Pimms, an ice cream cart, fire pits and a dance party in the barn.  Add that to all the stunning decor and details that Rebecca put together in just four (Yes FOUR!) months, and you have a pretty amazing wedding!

Their love story began with a chance encounter in a London pub (and some interesting dance moves from what we hear).  They bonded over a mutual love of tennis, and their romance simply blossomed.  Interestingly, the females in Rebecca's family have now all married Kiwi men for the past 3 generations, and having met David's family and friends, we know why!  Super fun, super friendly and they love to party!  Oh, and we won't forget handsome... (thanks, Maria)

You will have to watch the whole film to see how amazing this wedding was, but there were a few 'moments' that made this wedding extra special.  Firstly, we got to meet up with David really early on the morning of the wedding and watched as the guys had a full 20/20 cricket game.  And although the usual English rain stopped play a few times, the Groom still produced a man of the match performance!

Later with belly's full of cake, scones and champagne, the sun setting, the guests headed out to the lawn.  There, thanks to the wonderful Charlie Green, a mass sing-a-long ensued with some very tuneful (ahem) renditions of Adele, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and one of my favorite songs ever.... Lionel Ritchie's 'All night long' being belted out across the roving English countryside.

So, Lords and Ladies, may I present, David and Rebecca's wedding film.....

Nick x


  1. Only one thing guaranteed to make me blub more than an episode of 'One Born Every Minute' and that's one of your beautiful films. I envy the people who possess these absolute works of art. Suse xx

  2. Absolutely stunning, awesome work. Would that you had a branch in NZ!!!!