Tuesday 24 July 2012

Love - Thirty...

On the 30th of June, we shot an amazing love story at the stunning Narborough Hall, deep in the Norfolk countryside.  The wedding was simply stunning, and our beautiful bride organized the whole thing in just four months!  A tea party, row boats, an ice cream bike, Pimms, croquet on the lawn, mass sing-a-long's at sunset.... Do I need to go on?!

All you need to know is that Rebecca is a Brit and David is a Kiwi - they met by chance in a London pub, and bonded over a mutual love of tennis.  They fell in love, they got married and walked off hand in hand into the sunset.

Game, Set, Match.

Nick x


  1. It is incredible the amount of work Studio 1208 puts into these "coming soon" trailers! I doubt than many other videographers expend that level of effort on the entire wedding film. As always, beautifully filmed, edited and presented...

  2. What an amazingly accomplished team you are. Thanks so much for this Nick and Maria!

  3. Kitty: "Is that all what you do when you get married? Do you hold hands?"