Sunday 11 November 2012

Home Is Wherever I'm With You...

It's hard not to smile when I think back on the adventure that this wedding was.  A flight to Boston, a night in a fabulous hotel, lobster pizza, the traffic all the way to Cape Cod, another few nights in a fabulous hotel, trolleys, vintage cars, Jimmy Choo's, Monique Lhiullier, the humidity, the bugs, and even a dessert buffet...

All of that was so amazing, but what was truly the highlight for us was finding every way we could to give Susana and Michael memories of their wedding that they can smile when they watch, when they look.  To see the faces of the people they love, their nearest and dearest who flew thousands of miles to be with them on this momentous occasion.  To see themselves sharing moments with each other that they don't even remember having.

These are the kind of people you would do anything for - not because they ask of you or expect of you, but because they are so kind and so grateful for everything (even the things that ARE expected of you!).  They are so good to eachother.  They love their friends and families more than anything and make sure that everyone is seen to, even before themselves.  You can tell that they are great people by the great people around them.  We would do anything for them because they deserve it - they deserve more than that.

And what they have now, is the biggest reward you can have in your life - true, unconditional, stand the test of time and hardship, whisk you off your feet love.

Congratulations Mike and Susie, Congratulations Curley family and Tente family!  We love you guys.

Maria + Nick

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  1. This is fantastic! Congrats Maria and Nick! We had fun!!!