Sunday 18 November 2012

Wildcat, Wildcat...

Court and Kreuzer met in Arizona seven years ago at a bar called "Dirtbags" you already know these guys are awesome.  And they are.  SO awesome.  Both of them are from California, but they both went to the University of Arizona and Court's parents went to Arizona State.  Court played softball her entire life, and was a star outfielder at Arizona, and All American.  She is pretty badass.  Her family are die hard sports fans, and so much fun.  Alan grew up playing baseball and his family (also some Arizona alum) are also die hard and amazing.

Now they live in San Francisco together, and as a wedding present, The Giants got them a pretty sweet gift...they swept the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series.  Their Facebook's were going crazy.  It was really cool.

These two are such great people - they are so full of fun and laughs, always having a good time and bringing the party wherever they go.  Their friends and families are the same, and to be around them is like having the best night of your life every night.  Watching Court tie up the back of her wedding dress, throw on her custom made Nike's and hit the dance floor until she was dripping sweat was one of the best moments ever.  Everyone was sweaty, and it was because they were having the time of their lives.

We wish them all the best that life has to offer - we wish their families lived closer to us so that we could call around for a beer and a great chat - we wish their friends would be at every bar we ever went to so that we could 'double dutch' with them.  We can't wait for Baby Kreuzattis one day, and we can't wait to hopefully shoot another beautiful Fossatti daughter's wedding one day *wink*

We love these guys, and I'm sure once you finish watching this film, you will too!


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