Friday 26 April 2013

We get by with a little help from our friends....

There is something magical about the Lake District.  It's one part of the UK that always seems like it could be in a totally different country and reminds us in ways of both the Austrian mountains and even Oregon or Washington State.  It has a calm about it that is simply beautiful.  No wonder Justin and Kate decided to get married there, the venue overlooking the beautiful South Lakes.

After meeting lots of times over many years, but never actually getting together, these two actors finally let fate unite them while auditioning for the same play in London.  From that moment on, their love for each other has not just grown, but become absolute.  They can't bear to be apart, and it really shows.

The second we met them, we instantly loved them and felt like we had know them for years.  We could not be happier that our newest friends tied the knot and we got to share it with them.  So, congratulations to our friends, the talented actors, writers and all around awesome people, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald.  Ready to see the trailer?  Us too!

Nick + Maria



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