Monday 6 May 2013

F**k me! Im Famous!

Ok, so that might seem a pretty inappropriate title for a blog post.  Especially for a wedding. But then, as the bride Tabitha pointed out in her inpromptu speech, when has she EVER been appropriate?!  Plus, she was actually on Deal or no Deal and WON! which by default, therefore makes her famous. So I am going to go with that title, which may have been used by David Guetta... but more than likely, first said by Tab.

James and Tabitha are simply awesome.  They got married by the sea in Sheringham, Norfolk and then hired Chaucer Barn for what was essentially an amazeballs house party for all their nearest and dearest. It was a house party that was painstakingly put together by creating over a thousand different coloured pinwheels I might add, but none the less, a house party you wish you had been invited to.

So here is your first extended invite, James + Tabitha's wedding trailer.......

Nick x

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  1. Besides loving the video Nick and Maria....I ADORE the pastors voice! You may just have to bring him along when you come over to do our wedding :D Congrats to the adorable couple!
    (Long Beach, CA)