Wednesday 22 May 2013

See you in six years.....

So with all the lovely summer weather (ahem) we have had recently, it seems fitting for us to travel back in time to the beautiful sunny day we had in Sheringham, Norfolk with Tabitha and James. These two are a perfect couple, a great match and very very funny. Apparently, James tells us they are going to break up in about 6 years, just so they can get back together do it all over again?! Is it weird that I hope this really happens?

So if you enjoyed their pinwheel covered house party at Chaucer Barn, then here comes the full film. With added musical delights from the amazing busker band 'dumbfoundus love', a few tears and lots of rude words.... ladies and gents I give you:

James + Tabitha's amazeballs wedding film!

Nick x


  1. Been smiling all the way through this! It was a fantastic day :) You've really captured everything in this video.

    Was also lots of fun working with you on the day! :D

  2. Nick & Maria what can we say its awesome you worked really hard and it shows.
    What day we had.