Monday 7 April 2014

Running Down To The Riptide....

Sometimes, a wedding is way more than just an 'event' that happens. It is a milestone that all previous roads have led to. It is the culmination of hundreds of fragments of chance, decisions that were made or not made and the glue that binds it is a core of incredible people. The centre of which, in this case, is Jonny and Katie. The passion and comradery at this wedding, from all sides, was simply amazing and saw friends, family and co workers all joined together to create something that was simply beautiful.

The already breathtaking Chaucer Barn was looking literally magical, thanks to the dressing and floral skills of Lizzie Powell from Early Hours LTD. The thought into the details were out of this world. Oh yeah, and as a chef at Restaurant Gordan Ramsey in London, groom Jonny almost single handedly prepared what can only be described as one of THE BEST wedding food and dinner service's I have ever seen!

Add to this a fresh early morning after 'mass walk' down to the beach (which was glorious in January!) - and you can maybe see where the magic starts to unfold. I don't want to give away anymore... but hopefully, the trailer will make certain you come back for the full thing. It's epic.

So, here are Jonny and Katie, running down to the riptide....

Nick x

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