Tuesday 6 May 2014

Ho, Hey...

If you saw their wedding film trailer, you would know that Katie and Jonny are pretty rad - you would know that they met working at Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. Her, as personal assistant to the chef, and him as a sous chef. You would know that they love adventure, and you would also know that they planned an amazing weekend for all their nearest and dearest with a menu that did nothing less than amaze.

What you might not know is that their friends and family made a music video for them to The Lumineers "Ho, Hey", which had everyone lip-syncing the song to them, which was played at the party. It was pretty special, and it just goes to show how great these two are. Their friends and family rallied around them with special touches and lent their expertise to help make this wedding weekend incredibly memorable, absolutely perfect, and quintessentially Katie and Jonny.


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