Friday 29 August 2014

Just Breathe...

When we first met with Sanam and Dave, we had breakfast. To be honest, there wasn’t much eating going on – it was mostly chatting and laughing. We knew it was a great fit, and that shooting their wedding was going to be really fun. It did not disappoint!

What was so cool about their wedding, beyond it being beautifully styled and in Scotland, was that it truly was the merging of two cultures - Persian and Scottish. They chose to have traditional aspects of each of their backgrounds, and it went together so well. When you think about it, none of us are really that different. Sure, there are differences in ceremony and in ways of celebrating, but when you really get down to it, everyone just wants to have fun! And let me tell you, Persians and Scotts REALLY know how to party!

We had an amazing time and got even closer to these two. We are so happy to have been there with them on such a beautiful, memorable day.


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