Wednesday 20 August 2014

Town Mouse Meets Country Mouse...

Lizzie and Joe's gorgeous handmade festival wedding by STUDIO 1208
Lizzie and Joe had the wedding that people only dream of. It was an explosion of color, of fun, of love, and there were smiles on every face. Visually, it couldn't have been topped - Lizzie's company, Early Hours LTD., a beyond genius floral design firm, created all of the visual elements of the rainbow wonderland... with sparkly fairy dust and lucky pennies as favors and massive trees at the center of each table, adorned with ribbons and fabric. It was truly a masterpiece, and when you walked in, you felt like you had a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's factory. Magical.

The day was practically perfect, everything was practically perfect. The food (you may recognise Jonny of Katie and Jonny, who helped create and prepare the gorgeous gourmet Vegan meal), the course-paired cocktails, the music, the vibe… It was a celebration of love, but it was also a celebration of life and how important it is to live it and enjoy it with those you love. Tragically, only two days before the wedding, Lizzie's mom lost her battle with Cancer. It rocked everyone, of course, but honoring Polly's wishes, they carried on as planned. They celebrated, and enjoyed their moment with those they loved, knowing Polly was right there with them. There were some tears, but the strength of this family was astounding, truly.

We are so proud to call these people our friends, and so proud that we could give them an heirloom like this to share and watch for the rest of their lives. Thank you guys for the honor of witnessing your day and being welcomed into your lives.

To view the film, simply type in studio 1208 below


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