Sunday 11 January 2015

Rozayyy Errr Dayyy...

I just love Sundays…the idea of sleeping in, eating a nice brunch, and just enjoying the day at a pace only to be described as lazy. Usually I like to do nothing work related on a Sunday (if I'm not shooting), but sometimes, you just feel really excited about something, and you kinda feel like a kid on Christmas. That's how I feel about this next film we are about to show you.

In the post for their wedding film trailer, I already talked about how Priscilla and I met, how epic their wedding was, how delicious everything was, how ridiculously good looking they are…and I touched on how much we love these people. I only touched on it because I didn't want to give everything away just on the trailer, but WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Like real love. Like going on vacation together love. They are the finest of the fine, the highest quality in human that you can get, and we get to keep them. It's just such a bonus to work with people that are so RAD! We miss them and their people, we miss their party, and I know a certain little boy who misses P's croissants…that sounds so wrong. But I miss them too.

It's with great honor and joy that I share this wedding film with all of you. Watch for Misha's entrance into the party and for Priscilla's serenade to her man (you can also find out what she was singing if you listen closely!) EPIC.

To view the film, simply type: studio 1208


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